Case Studies

Work we have done for our clients.

Study 1: Product Scheduling

Within Spire a product's "Expected Start Date" can only be changed by users one product at a time. When a problem arises, such as in production requiring several or many order dates needing change, this can be create a repetative process which is also increased chances of user input error.

Save Time

A client came to us with this problem and outlined the solution they wanted which was to change several orders simultaneously. The result:

  • Graphical User Interface to view and modify Production Orders.
  • The ability to batch move expected start dates by +/- up to 5 days or by selecting a specific date.
  • The ability to batch move from one phase to another.
  • The ability to un-schedule production orders.
  • Right mouse clicking on a calendar date displays details for all Production Orders for that date.
  • Primary filter by phase.
  • Fine tune filtering by any fields.
  • User Authentication: Admin users have full access to all features, while all others have only read access.

Reduce Errors

A repetative and manual process can be reduced with the right ideas and implentation. Using a program we created for them the client can now quickly make the mass changes they needed.