Spire Credit Card Processing

credit card processinng

Import credit card transactions directly into Spire


OFX credit card statements either from download, from financial institution, or directly by a live connection
  • All transactions on file
  • All from specific date
  • From selected date range
  • From downloaded file
Supports MS Money, Quicken, and Quickbooks, which should cover all financial institutions offerings

Fast & Learns

  • Processing takes only seconds depending on the number of line items
  • The more you use the program, the less you have to do
  • Remembers what you did with each line item last time you used it and applies taxes, expenses, and/or vendor in the same manner
  • After a few months of use there is rarely much to do except for download and post
  • Stores transactions for minimum of 1 year and does not allow for the same transaction to be posted more than once

Pre-Calculated GST/HST


Add an unlimited number of credit cards