WebStore Demonstration

  • You'll Be A Customer

    You'll use the WebStore from the perspective of a customer, "Ace Electronics". The WebStore has four permission levels: Guest, Customer, Salesperson, and Administrator. Each has a different experience. Guests will be able to provide billing and shipping info, salespeople will have to pre-select a customer.

  • What's Missing in the Demo?

    A lot actually. Everything associated with other permission levels is not accessable. Sales people get access to personal settings, such as extra verfication code. Administrators get the ability to rename the customizable tab and select it's items, upload new pictures, set up PayPal, and other things like customize the design.

  • Log In and Password

    The username is "Ace" and the password is "demo".

  • Sign Out

    Go to "Sign Out" from within the WebStore to be brought back to this page.