Add-ons, Modules, and Programs

Products to reduce time, entry error, and repetitive tasks.

Sell It Anywhere Windows Services

Use your iPad or iPhone and take orders for Spire and Sage BusinessVision. Order entered offline are synce sync'd automatically upon re-connection.

Client: iPhone and iPad
Backend Service: Spire or BusinessVision on Windows

Sell It Anywhere on iPad

ScanTo: AP

Scan your invoices and ScanTo: AP imports them into Spire. ScanTo: AP will automatically find the vendor and totals in your invoice.

Client: Windows
Backend Service: Spire on Windows

ScanTo: Ap Logo

Time Trakker

Time Trakker is an add-on application for Spire Systems accounting to manage time and billing events. An employee can enter their time sheets and billing remotely.

Client: Windows
Backend Service: Spire on Windows

ScanT: oAp Logo

Cook My Books

Cook My Books will let you alter accounts payable & recievable, general ledger, sales & purchase history and invoiced orders allowing for corrections or updates that otherwise are not possible.

Client: Spire on Windows

 Cook My Books Interface


A web interface for online ordering of your products that's pulled and sync'd with your Sage BusinessVision data.

Client: Web
Backend Service: Windows

 Webstore Image