The WebStore
Sage BusinessVision Orders Online

The WebStore allows customers, sales people, and defined guests to select from a catalogue of your companies products and place their orders online.

  • Search by name or product code.
  • Categorized Items.
  • Sorting by code, name, and price.
  • Connect a PayPal account so that customers can pay directly via PayPal or with a credit card even without a PayPal account.
  • Tabbed item listings for specials and events.
  • Secured using HTTPS -- the encrypted communication of the web.
  • E-mailed receipts.
Customizable Design

A logo, colours, a banner, backgrounds, product pictures, and a sub-domain of your choosing are all customizable to give your clients a familiar sense of your companies brand and image.

You're In Control

You control the creation of each WebStore user and what products, vendors, suppliers and client companies get shown.

The Webstore

  • $1000.00 installation and training.
  • $100.00/mo subscription